The 10 Greatest Anti-Heroes: #1 Omar Little

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TV Show: The Wire
Actor: Michael K. Williams

Testifying in court, Omar Little is asked his profession. “I robs drug dealers,” he says. Does he ever. The sound of Omar strolling through the hood whistling “The Farmer In The Dell” is enough to send dope boys scrambling. As the Robin Hood of The Wire, the world’s most quotable stick-up man terrorizes hardened thugs with an arsenal of guns and a vocabulary that fuses streetwise slang with Shakespearean flair. “I keeps one in the chamber, in case you ponderin’,” he says with unflappable cool in an old-fashioned stand-off against a rival. “I don’t know about cards,” he quips while snatching the pot at an underground poker game, waving two handguns in the air. “But I think these .45s beat a full house.” He leaves the scene with a wink.

Omar Little Quotes:

“That wasn’t no attempted murder. I shot the boy Mike-Mike in his hindparts, that’s all. Fixed it so he couldn’t sit right.”

“Come on, now. When you ever know me to put my gun on anybody that wasn’t in the game?”

“If I’d have known I was going to be sharing quarters with all these boys, I probably wouldn’t have robbed so many of ‘em.”

Omar Little Video:

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