The Voice Project Recruits Andrew Bird, Mike Mills, Dawes to Benefit Ugandan Women

Andrew Bird
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The Voice Project (a self-described “peace movement” and “coalition of artists and non-profits in an effort to see how far a voice can carry”) is bringing together musicians in an effort to raise money and awareness to the plight of the women of war-torn Northern Uganda. The coalition’s latest project, a collection of cover songs recorded by various artists in a sort of chain letter style, was inspired by the Gulu Choir covering Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.

Each week, a new video episode will be premiered. Some of the videos already up on the Voice Project’s website and Facebook include Andrew Bird, Dawes, Joe Purdy, SoKo, Joseph Arthur, Mike Mills, Priscilla Ahn, Tom Freund and Gary Go.

Through projects like this, The Voice Project strives to get the voices of the Ugandan women heard, to help them establish economic independence and create change in their country in order and to establish peace in Uganda. For more information, visit