Warner Brothers UK Offers $26K/Year for Anti-Piracy Intern

Warner Brothers
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Warner Bros. Entertainment UK is taking a new approach in its fight to stop illegal file sharing. The music industry giant is reportedly looking to hire a student intern whose year-long stint will entail trolling the interwebs to catch music pirates in the act.

The company posted a listing for the “Anti-Piracy intern” position in the University of Manchester’s career site. They’re looking for a student with experience in—what else—computers and the web. And though the goal of the intern is to seek out and even entrap people engaging in file sharing, the job requirements don’t mention anything about applicants’ own history with BitTorrent sites or other acts of file piracy. In addition to monitoring Torrent sites, the intern will be “maintaining and developing bots for Internet link scanning system (training provided); preparing sending of infringement notices and logging feedback; performing trap purchases of pirated product and logging results,” according to the job posting. Oh, and it’s a paid intern spot: 17,500 pounds (which converts to roughly $26,000) for a year’s worth of work.

The backlash against the Anti-Piracy intern has begun even before WB has found the lucky person to fill the spot. TorrentFreak posted this in response to the internship opening, proving pirates still no how to play dirty: “We encourage all eligible TorrentFreak readers to apply for this exciting internship and provide us with regular updates on Warner Bros’ anti-piracy efforts. You have to be quick though, the vacancy closes on March 31.” That’s today, by the way.