Watch Surfer Blood Talk Rock Stars, Florida and Zombies

Surfer Blood
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A few weeks ago, Paste sat down at Soul Vegetarian in Atlanta with one of our new favorite bands, Surfer Blood, before they played a sold-out show at the Drunken Unicorn. The Florida five-piece’s debut album Astro Coast, is full of a melodic, breezy brand of rock ‘n’ roll that is perfect for summertime listening. And it’s getting all kinds of buzz right now. The boys are on tour through the end of May, and will be playing this year’s SXSW festival more than a few times.

During the interview, we tested their knowledge about each other (for the record, bassist Brian Black can’t imagine lead singer JP Pitts as anything but a human, but Pitts thinks if he were an animal, he’d be a dolphin), while touching on important stuff like werewolves. And boy do these fellas have a strategy for the post-apocalyptic, zombie-ruled world!

Watch the interview below: