Wayne Coyne Unveils New Flaming Lips Movie

wayne coyne
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For better or for worse, the Flaming Lips are synonymous with weird. Their onstage antics include—but are in no way limited to—a human-size, crowd-surfing hampster ball, projectile confetti and enough laser pointers to cause some serious retinal damage. Topics covered on their albums range from the cosmos to robots to Vaseline. So it was no surprise when frontman Wayne Coyne was caught taking a bath on the front lawn, or when, in 2008, the Lips released the long-awaited Christmas on Mars, a movie about a suicidal Santa in outer space which starred Coyne as a Martian.

Apparently, Coyne and Co. seemingly can’t sit still for five minutes. The frontman recently revealed in an interview with Billboard.com that he and his bandmates have begun working on their next film. “My only goal was that I didn’t have to build space station-looking sets every time I wanted to have someone say something, only because I built those sets myself every time we shot something for Christmas on Mars over the seven years we took to make it,” he said. “This one is set in someone’s house and in a back yard and in a slaughterhouse; all those are available to me right here, so I don’t have to build everything this time.”

Meanwhile, Coyne is also trying to up the star power in his second movie: “I’m in the process of begging Justin Timberlake to be part of it.”