Wilco, Death Cab, Decemberists, Pearl Jam Featured on Free Bonnaroo Compilation for Climate Change

Free music for a good cause is the right kind of free music. Bonnaroo seems to agree. Beginning today, the mammoth Tennessee festival, in partnership with HeadCount.org and the NRDC Action Fund, is offering up Best of Bonnaroo, a compilation of 17 festival performances from Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists and more environmentally-minded artists.

“HeadCount conceived of this as a great way to fulfill our mission of ‘inspiring participation in democracy through the power of music,’” says Andy Bernstein, HeadCount’s executive director. “In the past, that meant registering voters at concerts. But following the 2008 election, we wanted to see voters to take the next step and become informed, active citizens.”

To accomplish that goal, HeadCount and its partners are asking anyone who downloads the compilation (available at MusicForAction.org) to write local newspapers, congressmen or even President Obama about climate change. ”[We want] to generate… attention around the fact that Congress is considering climate legislation, as most Americans are unaware of this fact,” Bernstein explains.

After President Obama promised world leaders that the U.S. would reduce carbon emissions by 17 percent over the next decade, the House of Representatives approved an energy bill last June that would reduce the emission of heat-trapping gases and encourage the development of green jobs. The bill is now waiting for Senate approval.

Bernstein also says he hopes the compilation will contribute to HeadCount’s goal of creating an informed body of grassroots activists who will be “outspoken citizens” on the subject of climate change in the future.

Also included on the compilation are Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Jack Johnson, O.A.R., Ani DiFranco, Guster, Gov’t Mule, Raphael Saadiq, Bob Weir & RatDog, Phil Lesh & Friends, The Disco Biscuits and moe.