Lars von Trier's Antichrist (Maybe) Gets Criterion Treatment

Lars Von Trier
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Chaos reigned the 2009 Cannes film festival screenings of Lars von Trier’s psychological thriller Antichrist, with audience responses ranging from applause to demands from angry trade journalists that von Trier justify having made the film. Featuring violence that the Huffington Post called “almost unbearably explicit,” Antichrist polarized audiences, causing even some von Trier apologists to cry foul.

Now, the debate may be leaving theatres and arriving in your living room via a DVD release from the Criterion Collection. As The Playlist reports, Criterion’s April newsletter featured the pictured image of a fox eating its own entrails (which has become a sort of calling card for the film) with the caption, “This fall, a truly gutsy release.” Antichrist had a limited theatrical release circa last Halloween, and now it looks like it’ll take on a much wider audience with the Criterion treatment. No word yet on when the DVD will hit the streets, as Criterion hasn’t yet officially made its announcement.