Late Sex Pistols Manager Malcolm McLaren to Be Honored with "Minute of Mayhem"

Malcolm McLaren
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The late Sex Pistols manager and counter culture figure Malcolm McLaren – who died from Mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer, earlier this month – will be celebrated with an open procession through part of London before he is laid to rest on Thursday. His son has encouraged the public to pay their respects by causing chaos.

Posting on the website of his charity, Humanade, Joseph Corre, told of plans for a “Minute of Mayhem” – an alternative to the traditional minute of silence – in celebration of his father

“In celebration of Malcolm’s life we are asking people to observe a MINUTE OF MAYHEM at midday on 22nd April,” he wrote.” Put on your favorite records and let it RIP!”

The public funeral procession will take place through the the streets on London and end with McLaren being laid to rest in a private ceremony.

Humanade has also released a special T-shirt to commemorate the former Sex Pistols manager’s life. It features the slogan “Cash From Chaos” and is modeled on a similar T-shirt worn by Malcolm in his spoof film The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle during a section where he performs a version of Max Bygraves’ song You Need Hands,” which was filmed at Highgate cemetery, where McLaren will be buried.

All proceeds from the T-shirt will go to Humanade.

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