Listen to Sleigh Bells' First Single "Tell 'Em"

Sleigh Bells
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Have you ever wondered what the soundtrack to your peak oil/rapture/2012/all-of-the-above apocalypse will sound like? If the future is anything like Blade Runner (hey, L.A. still might look like that in nine years) it might sound something like Sleigh Bells’ badass first single “Tell ‘Em” off their upcoming debut LP Treats.

It’s a beast of a track—three minutes of the crunchy, glitched-out riffs and titanic hooks that have become Sleigh Bells’ callsign. It’s available now for your downloading pleasure at this link, but if you’re still craving more you can check out some videos of their 2010 SXSW performances right here.

Treats, out May 11 on Mom & Pop Records, is shaping up to be the perfect soundtrack to your summer cyberpunk raves and car chases.

1. Tell ‘Em
2. Kids
3. Riot Rhythm
4. Infinity Guitars
5. Run the Heart
6. Rachel
7. Rill Rill
8. Crown On the Ground
9. Straight A’s
10. A/B Machines
11. Treats