M.I.A. Announces Album Release with a Blimp

We’ve been waiting anxiously for more details on M.I.A.’s forthcoming album for quite a while now. All we’ve had is a tidbit here and there—mostly from producer Diplo, who’s described the album both as a mix between Animal Collective and Gucci Mane and weird.

Even though we have essentially no idea what to expect from the new M.I.A., we now know—thanks to a blimp—that the album will be released June 29. According to TwentyFourBit, the release date was announced in typical (read: awesomely out-there) Maya Arulpragasam fashion. A blimp advertising M.I.A.’s upcoming performances flew over Jay-Z’s Coachella performance with its billboard displaying “New Album 6.29.10.”

Speaking of fun, weird things, here’s a new 3D M.I.A. photo: