Pearl Jam Makes $210K Tree Donation to Offset Carbon Footprint

Pearl Jam
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Pearl Jam  has always been a group of alterna-rebels, refusing to cooperate with the system, be it Ticketmaster or music videos. Now they’re trying to make a slightly greener statement. To offset the carbon footprint of the band’s 32-date 2009 world tour, the rockers have donated $210,000 to go toward planting an estimated 33 acres of trees and plants in their native Washington state.

This isn’t the first time Pearl Jam has shown an interest in the environment. Since 2003, they’ve donated $150,000 to climate change-related organizations and endeavors. For the band, it’s as much a business venture as anything, says Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard. “Pearl Jam is a band but we are also a business,” Gossard told Reuters. “We’re seeing ourselves as a Washington business, a regional business that is acknowledging its carbon footprint and hoping to inspire other businesses.”

The group is also working on ways to offset the effects of their 2010 tour, Gossard says.