Phoenix to Score Upcoming Sofia Coppola Film

Sofia Coppola
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Last month, we reported that French pop band Phoenix’s song “Love Like a Sunset” had inspired Sofia Coppola to make, well, something, based on the song, most likely a short film or even a full-length movie.

Looks like we were a little off-base, as Pitchfork reported yesterday that Phoenix was set to score Coppola’s fall release, Somewhere. Instead of basing a new project on the song, she’s asked boyfriend Thomas Mars and his bandmates to come up with original music for her film in the vein of the two-part instrumental track that struck her fancy int he first place.

Somewhere is the story of a a Hollywood roustabout (Steven Dorff of Blade) whose 11-year-old daughter (played by Dakota Fanning’s younger sister Elle) pays him an unexpected visit, causing him to “re-examine his life.” It’s due to premiere in Europe in September.