Public Enemy, Broken Social Scene and Panda Bear Headline Inaugural Hopscotch Festival

Public Enemy
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If you don’t want to hear awesome live music Sept. 9-11, we suggest you stay far, far away from downtown Raleigh, N.C. It’s then that myriad acts will perform at the inaugural Hopscotch Music Festival that weekend. Public Enemy, Panda Bear and Broken Social Scene will headline the fest, and another 120ish bands will scatter among the event’s 10 venues.

Inspired by festivals in cities like Chicago and Austin, Hopscotch’s director, Greg Lowenhagen, teamed up with a Raleigh newspaper, the Independent Weekly, to plan the huge event. “It’s a financial risk, for sure, but we’re thrilled to be doing it,” said Independent Weekly founder Steve Schewel. “Hundreds of musicians from all over the country, thousands of fans flooding the bars and restaurants downtown, everybody riding the R-Line, gorgeous fall evenings of music in City Plaza in the shadow of the skyscrapers: The Triangle has been thirsting for a big-bang urban music festival, and that’s why—after 26 years of writing about music in our community—the Independent is bringing Hopscotch to town.”

Tickets for the festival are on sale as of today (April 1). Visit the Hopscotch website for more information and to see the complete lineup.