Record Store Doc Featuring Noam Chomsky and Thurston Moore Gets Record Store Day DVD Release

After four years and an extensive film festival run, _I Need That Record! The Death (or Possible Survival) of the Independent Record Store will be released on DVD tomorrow at independent record stores around the country. Tomorrow, of course, is Record Store Daystore_day.

The film includes interviews with Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Ian Mackaye (Dischord Records/Fugazi/Minor Threat/Teen Idles), Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers), Chris Frantz (Talking Heads), Pat Carney (Black Keys), Mike Watt (Minutemen/reunited Stooges), Noam Chomsky, guitar composer Glenn Branca, punk author Legs McNeil, rock photographer Bob Gruen, label honchos and regular Joes alike.

“When it came time to craft the DVD we packed it with 2+ hours of candid interview extras,” director Brendan Toller says. I Need That Record! will spend its first 90 days as a limited release, available only at independent record stores before being made available everywhere July 27.

Watch the trailer: