Royal Shakespeare Company Uses Twitter to Retell Romeo and Juliet

Yesterday, England’s Royal Shakespeare Company began Such Tweet Sorrow, a modern-day retelling of Romeo and Juliet. RSC actors will spend the next five weeks updating Twitter accounts as members of the Montague and Capulet clans, responding to each other and audience members alike in a production that RSC’s Artist Director Michael Boyd tells the BBC he hopes will “allow our actors to use mobiles to tell their stories in real time and reach people wherever they are in a global theater.” In honor of this notable social-networking event, we asked a few folks around Paste HQ to contribute tweets we’d like to see in the production:

“Do you byte your thumb at me sir?” Rachel Dovey

“One fairer than my love? LOL! The all-seeing sun / Ne’er saw her match since first cell phones rung.”
Anna Swindle

“It seems she hangs upon my blogroll / Like a rich jewel in Chris Weingarten’s ear.” Michael Saba

“Oh, what’s in a screen-name? He whom we call ‘rosalinzboi’ by any other handle would smell as sweet. Romeo, doff thy screen-name!” Melanie Killingsworth

“A Facebook status by any other name would be a tweet.” Kristen Callihan

“A virus on both your hard drives!” RD

“But soft! What light from yonder laptop breaks? It is the Facebook, and Juliet is looking at my profile again.” Rachel Bailey

“Good night, good night! De-friending is such sweet sorrow / That I shall block your IMs til it be morrow” MS