Rumors Confirmed: Jay-Z Will Appear On First Single Off Dr. Dre's New Album

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We reported that Dr. Dre’s first album of the millennium would drop in 2008., And here we are two years later, still waiting. Patient fans do have some exciting news concerning to new album, though. The rumors have been confirmed that Jay-Z will be guesting with Dre on a new single called “Under Pressure” according to Billboard.

After pictures leaked of the two hip hop heavyweights frequenting the same studio, the internet went wild with speculation (as the internet is wont to do). Dr. Dre confirmed the existence of the song and his collaboration with Hova during an interview with the New England Sports Network at Fenway Park in Boston. When asked what his hypothetical “at-bat” song would be, music exec Jimmy Iovine named “Under Pressure.”

“Absolutely, that would be it. ‘Under Pressure’—it’s so fitting,” Dr. Dre added. He also hinted that he would love to have David Ortiz consider the song for his at-bats. In addition to Jay-Z, other big hip hop names—including Nas, Lil Wayne, Eminem and T.I.—are rumored to appear on Detox, which still lacks a confirmed release date.

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