Watch the Trailer for Sufjan Stevens and Kaleo La Belle's Beyond This Place

Sufjan Stevens
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Sufjan Stevens—the one-time unofficial U.S. musical geographer —has been busy filmmaker as of late. Stevens worked with The National on his experimental film Destroy All Those Irritating Memories; now there’s news (via TwentyFourBit) of an upcoming documentary collaboration between the musician and filmmaker Kaleo La Belle.

This won’t be the first film for Stevens and childhood pal La Belle, who previously worked together on 2006’s Crooked River, a film that documents Stevens and brother Marzuki’s road trip to Michigan.

Beyond This Place focuses on La Belle’s reunion with his 30-years-absent father Cloud Rock, a cyclist and hippie who says he was “stoned for 40 years.”

Stevens worked with Raymond Byron Magic Raposa to create the film’s soundtrack.

Watch the Beyond This Place trailer: