South Park's Censored 200th Episode Prompts "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day"

South Park
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Comedy Central’s controversial decision to censor South Park 200th episode, which features the Prophet Mohammed dressed in a school mascot costume, has drawn much commentary in recent weeks. Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have stated that they don’t support the network’s decision to censor the episode after it drew thinly-veiled death threats from Muslim extremist website However, they seem to be alone in their conviction, at least among their peers. Take The Simpsons’ recent nod to the controversy (pictured) and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s recent comment, “I think any combination of angry plus deity equals danger… If it were me and I was in this situation, [I would think], ‘OK, is this worth being shot? Is this the funniest joke ever written?”

Enter Molly Norris, a Seattle-based artist whose “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” is scheduled for May 20. According to, she dedicated a drawing of various household objects claiming to be the likeness of Mohammed to South Park’s creators. Norris’ small protest has grown to encompass 32 Facebook events with a combined total of over 11,000 people planning to participate.

Meanwhile, Parker and Stone seem interested in moving on, but that doesn’t mean the show’s creators will shy away from skewering religion any time soon. They’re currently at work on a Broadway adaptation of their “All About the Mormons” episode.