Alison Mosshart Talks New Kills Album

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Alison Mosshart struggled to find a new direction for the next The Kills album.

The singer and her musical partner Jamie Hince have constantly challenged themselves with their music but struggled with their forthcoming fourth album because of their minimalist outlook. “We’re kind of half finished, or three quarters of the way finished with the new record,” Mosshart says. “We always try to make a record that sounds totally different than the one before it or anything we’ve ever done, so that’s usually the hard part, finding that new thing to do between just two people.”

Mosshart will be returning to complete the album after she has finished touring with her other band, The Dead Weather—which also includes The White Stripes guitarist Jack White—and she admits playing with the two groups is completely different. “It’s all about the group of people you’re with,” Mosshart says. “It took me forever, a whole lifetime it felt like, to find Jamie where I felt like that felt right and I feel that same feeling with these guys. It’s incredible that I’ve been able to experience that twice. It’s something that I almost think is impossible to find. I don’t really know what it is, but it’s good.”