Weezer, Kid Cudi, Lil Jon Contribute to New Steve Aoki Album

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Steve Aoki a busy guy, what with helming his own record label (Dim Mak), DJing at clubs, being in a band (Rifoki) and producing other people’s music. And he certainly is collecting an eclectic group of friends along the way. Aoki told MTV that his latest (currently unnamed) album will feature such varying voices as Weezer, Kid Cudi and Lil Jon, all remixed to fit in with Aoki’s dance electronic theme.

“With my album I’m doing a couple of different tracks with some familiar voices,” Aoki told MTV at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. “Just mixing it up with some hip-hop vocals, rock vocals, house vocals. So yeah, it should be interesting.”

Known for remixing songs and adding in extra talent (like this version of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” with MGMT and Ratatat), this new LP follows Aoki’s latest, I’m in the House, which came out at the end of March.