Weezer to Release Deluxe Pinkerton, Rarities Collection

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According to Weezer’s bassist, Scott Shriner, the band is “always planning and scheming something.” Right now, in addition to a June 12 appearance at Bonnaroo, the guys are plotting a deluxe release of their legendary sophomore album, Pinkerton, as well as an Odds and Ends compilation of “a ton of B-sides from a big period of time.”

There’s no release date for the new and improved Pinkerton, but the band is already taking pre-orders for the album. As for the new stuff, one tune that’s coming soon is Weezer’s contribution to the Shrek Forever After soundtrack—the second song the guys have recorded for the Shrek franchise.

And—even though Shriner says bandleader Rivers Cuomo is completely healed after his bus accident last December—Weezer is taking things a little easy this summer, opting to mainly hit up large festivals in upcoming months. “There are a few dates getting filled in along the way, but I think our big focus is to hit these festivals,” Shriner told Billboard. “I think we’re just kind of looking at efficiency and the way to reach the most people. I don’t know if anybody’s super excited about getting in a bus again right now.”