Thurston Moore to Release Yoko Ono Book That Doubles as Kite

Thurston Moore
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Last year, we reported that Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore was planning to launch Ecstatic Peace Library, a publishing company to keep him busy between running his record label of the same name and, you know, fronting Sonic Youth. Ecstatic Peace Library came into the world in early January and already it’s loosed page-turners from Kim Gordon, Moore himself, James Hamilton, director Dave Markey, poet Charles Plymell, and, coming soon, Yoko Ono.

This isn’t your run of the mill book, what with chapters and a story and such. No, as TwentyFourBit reports, it’s also a kite! An inspirational kite to be precise. Let us explain.

Ono’s Fly Me is a hand-bound, limited-release volume of “seven pages of individual messages or instructions composed by Ono.” The book comes with a hand-carved oak frame made with sustainably-farmed wood from New York. Simply unfold one of the pages, printed with inspirational messages from Yoko (“Imagine Peace,” “Fly”), and affix it to the frame to share Ono’s artistry from above.

Fly Me will be made available July 1 in a limited releade of 2,500 copies priced at $100 a pop.