Watch Amanda Palmer Cover Radiohead on a Ukulele

Amanda Palmer
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Give Amanda Palmer a ukelele and some creative freedom after escaping her contract with Roadrunner Records, and what do you get? An EP of Radiohead covers. Obviously.

The prolific songstress/artist and former Dresden Doll is currently touring with Evelyn Evelyn, whose record she helped produce with cohort Jason Webley. But between leaving her label, getting engaged to writer Neil Gaiman and working with Evelyn Evelyn, Palmer managed to record some ukelele’d Radiohead tracks both in a professional studio and on her webcam, in addition to performing some tracks live.

“A Radiohead ukulele cover album might just have to be what I do to Shed The Past and Find God,” she wrote in a February blog post. “Some people ACTUALLY find god and record christian albums. I just find Radiohead.”

According to The Guardian, Palmer made the official announcement in an e-mail to fans this week and said the cover album would be released sometime in July.

Watch a pair of Palmer’s Radiohead covers below:


“Fake Plastic Trees”