Got $1.15 Million? You Should Buy the Amityville Horror House!

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Attention horror-movie enthusiasts and ghost hunters: The Amityville Horror house is on the market. But not the one from the legendary film—the one where several people were actually murdered and later residents claim to have been haunted. Yikes.

The five-bedroom Dutch Colonial in Long Island, N.Y. is the site where Ronald DeFeo Jr. infamously shot six of his sleeping family members. It is also the setting of the events that gave rise to Jay Anson’s book The Amityville Horror: A True Story, which, according to then-owners George and Kathleen Lutz, included spontaneous levitation and slime oozing from the walls.

Since the success of the 1979 movie (and 2005 remake) based on Anson’s book, the house at 112 Ocean Avenue (changed to 108 Ocean Avenue in an effort to reduce gawker traffic) has been heavily renovated, reports the BBC. These improvements, along with the property’s canal-front location, reportedly account for the home’s large asking price.