Life of Pi Movie Going 3-D?

Ang Lee
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Fox acquired the film rights to Yann Martel’s book Life of Pi shortly after its release. But now, seven years later, the movie has yet to go into production and still doesn’t have a definite director. According to the film-blog aggregator, Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee is still attached to the project. The strange story that details a young boy’s harrowing time on a lifeboat with a tiger and other animals is apparently looking to get a big budget and lots of CG animation for the animals. Studio execs also hope to release the film in 3-D. “It has a gigantic visual effects component,” a Fox rep said. “You can’t put a live tiger in a boat with a child. It has elements of Castaway, when the kid is alone in the boat. You don’t need language to convey what’s on the screen. We need to make the movie for the whole world.”

The film has yet to be greenlighted by the studio, and casting has not yet begun. Sources say producers involved with the project are scouting locations in Taiwan and India for shooting.