Broken Social Scene Drummer Talks Side Project, Film Scores

Broken Social Scene
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You can’t keep a good band down. Especially if that band is a 15-headed monster that spawns side projects at an alarming rate and reforms every few years to make its own dense, complex epics. On May 4, the monster known as Broken Social Scene struck again with Forgiveness Rock Record, an album drummer Justin Peroff recalls as particularly focused.

“Writing a record out of Toronto resulted in a lot of things,” he says. “We were there for that reason. We rented a couple of different houses where the group of us sort of spread out. Brendan [Canning] would make breakfast in the morning because he makes a damn good breakfast. We rented bikes, and we’d go to the studio, and we’d make music. The whole procedure in general was more focused. We weren’t distracted by our own city.”

As if making a 14-song, hour-long album and a 10-song EP wasn’t enough, Peroff has also started a side project. “I started a band with my friend Dave [Hamelin] and Liam [O’Neil] of a band called The Stills that will result in a record and a tour,” he says. “We just don’t have a name for it. It’s sounding really awesome. When my parts were done during a certain chapter in this Forgiveness Rock Record journey, I flew over to Montreal because I’ve always wanted to make music with those guys. It started roughly last August.”

Meanwhile, several members of Broken Social Scene are currently working on the scores for three movies: Daydream Nation, It’s Kind of a Funny Story (featuring Zach Galifianakis) and This Movie is Broken, which is a Broken Social Scene concert film mixed with a fictional love story. “Some of the music is created for the film specifically, and some of the stuff is taken from existing records, and some of the stuff is taken from existing material that has been kicking around for some time,” Peroff says.

He also says that, while there have been no serious plans, the band has discussed releasing the film scores. “We kind of joked around during the whole ‘Broken Social Scene Presents…’ days,” he says. “We joked, or didn’t joke necessarily, about ‘Broken Social Scene Presents…Music for Film.’ I certainly would love to hear it because I’m not always directly involved.”

Peroff says he plans on finishing work on his unnamed side project “when I come up for air,” possibly in August. And, as an actor who has appeared in film (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) and television (Monk), Peroff says a return to acting is always a possibility. “If a really kick-ass script was on the table, I absolutely would,” he says. “As far as going out and doing a gum commercial or some shitty sci-fi thing, definitely not. I’m a fan of a good film. I might have to dust those cobwebs off to get the chops back up, if I ever had any chops.”