Can the Wachowskis Sell a "Hard R" Gay Iraq War Romance?

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There’s plenty going on at this year’s Cannes film festival, from the premiere of Robin Hood to Andy Serkis’s promotion of his Imaginarium performance capture facility. Perhaps one of the most exciting developments is word of the Wachowskis’ latest script, which they’re shopping around at the fest. It may be a tough sell, though: the movie is a “hard R” gay love story between an American soldier serving in Iraq and an Iraqi civilian.

The film is said to be set in the near future and work backwards over the course of the war and the characters’ relationship. It could be quite interesting fare indeed from a duo whose sophomore film was the lesbian noir flick Bound. Issues of gender and sexuality have always been of interest to the Wachowskis, one of whom (you probably know him as Larry) has been living as a woman named Lana for some years now.

Looks like the “futuristic movie on Iraq” of Ariana Huffington’s December Twitter posts isn’t an adaptation of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas after all. Assuming some studio takes a chance on this film, though, it may be one of the filmmaking team’s most interesting movies to date.