Update: Chuck Klosterman Explains Insane Conversations

Chuck Klosterman
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Update: Klosterman sent us an e-mail explaining just what HYPERtheticals is: “Basically, Random House (which isn’t my normal publisher) wanted to make some of the hypothetical questions from a few of my previous books into a deck of cards (I think they also did this with the guy who wrote the oral history of the zombie war?). I thought it would be a rip-off to only use old questions, so I wrote 25 new ones that are combined with some of the old material. It’s definitely not a book, though. The softcover version of EATING THE DINOSAUR comes up this summer, and there should be a new book next year — but this is just something weird for weird people.”

Fair enough.

Pop culture know-it-all (and occasional Guns N’ Roses analyst) Chuck Klosterman has tackled a wide array of music-related topics in his many magazine articles, essays and books. And in 2008, Klosterman made his first foray into novel writing with Downtown Owl.

Klosterman’s latest release, which isn’t exactly a book (we think?), is on the way. The collection, entitled HYPERtheticals: 50 Questions for Insane Conversations, falls into the “non-traditional books” category on publisher Random House’s site. And though not much else is known about it, we’re guessing the title pretty much sums it up.

Insane conversations will commence when HYPERtheticals hits stores June 15.