George Lucas Praises Lost, Tells Producers to "Pretend You've Planned it Out in Advance"

Lost producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof were recently surprised with a letter of encouragement and advice from none other than Star Wars creator, George Lucas. According to the Los Angeles Times, in the letter, Lucas admits to making up his movie series up as he went along, and tells the Lost masterminds to do the same. “The trick is to pretend you’ve planned the whole thing out in advance,” Lucas reportedly wrote. “Throw in some father issues and references to other stories – let’s call them ‘homages’ – and you’ve got a series.”

Whether or not Lucas intended for the world to know his secret, it was out the moment Barry Jossen of ABC Studios read the letter to those attending the Lost Live event at UCLA last week.

In addition to dishing on his Star Wars approach, Lucas also had quite a few compliments for the Lost crew. As reported by the Times, Lucas wrote: “In six seasons, you’ve managed to span both time and space, and I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I never saw what was around the corner. Now that it’s all coming to an end, it’s impressive to see how much was planned out in advance and how neatly you’ve wrapped up everything.” Impressive indeed.