Grizzly Bear Pondering Dancier, Auto-Tuned Side Project

Grizzly Bear
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Didn’t expect that headline, did you? Us either. And yet: “Ed [Droste] always talks about this project called Samantha that, at this point, there’s not even a song yet or any semblance of anything,” Chris Bear said in a recent interview. “But he’s talked about it a lot in interviews, so it’s a good idea. Auto-Tune will probably be involved. It’ll be dancier. It’ll be a little more, like…diva-y.”

There you have it, folks. If you ever wanted to hear T-Pain’s rendition of “Two Weeks,” perhaps Samantha will scratch that particular musical itch. Then again, it’s hard to tell how serious Bear is being about this purported side project. Then again, these are the guys who collaborated with Michael McDonald, so perhaps anything is possible. Watch the full interview below and judge for yourself: