Best Guyliner, Scariest Death and 13 More Lost Superlatives

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“As we go on, we remember, all the times we had together / And as our lives change, come whatever, we will still be friends forever.”

You said it, Vitamin C.

As we watch some of our best TV friends graduate from all things Lost and Oceanic Flight 815, we’ve taken a few moments to look back and honor the show that’s eaten away countless hours of our lives.

Most Dramatic Death
Nominees: Charlie, Nikki and Paulo, Libby and Ana Lucia, Boone
Winner: Libby and Ana Lucia
Though Boone’s fall from the African drug-smuggling plane and Charlie’s drowning were both major tear-jerker moments, and there’s nothing more spine-tingling than being buried alive like Nikki and Paulo, we had to give this one to Libby and Ana Lucia’s shocking back-to-back murders at the hands of a crazed Michael.

Cutest Couple
Nominees: Jin and Sun, Rose and Bernard, Kate and Sawyer, Claire and Charlie, Desmond and Penny
Winner: Desmond and Penny
All of these relationships have an undeniable “awww” factor, but remembering a phone date eight years out gives Desmond and Penny an extra boost of longevity—and the win.

Scariest Moment
Nominees: Walt being kidnapped from the raft, Jacob’s “occupied” cabin in the woods, practically anything Rousseau says or does (“You can run…you can hide…or you can die.”), discovering Ethan’s Other-ness
Winner: Walt’s kidnapping
Lost is chock full of scary moments, but none more harrowing than the straightforward words, “We’re gonna have to take the boy,” the bearded Other utters before taking Walt from the rescue raft.

(Please ignore the not-so-scary music):

Most Missed
Nominees: Mr. Eko, Charlie, Daniel Faraday, Walt, Alex, Vincent the dog, Boone
Winner: Mr. Eko
Charlie and Daniel would have topped the list, but we’ve been seeing a lot of them both so far this season. Mr. Eko got our vote, though, because we wonder what his contributions would be like if he were around right now, doling out advice and providing a calming presence for all the survivors.

Least Missed:
Nominees: Charlotte, Ethan, Shannon, Naomi, Juliette, Roger Workman, Christian
Winner: Shannon
Even though Sayid’s heart broke a little the day Shannon got shot, her perpetually whiny attitude and her totally disturbing relationship with her step-brother left us glad to see her go—and even more glad she hasn’t reappeared as of yet.

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