Paste Presents: The Lost Weekend

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On Sunday, it’ll all be over. Somebody may have left the island. Others may die in an epic final battle. Questions might actually be answered. And we all may ultimately be thinking, Really, that’s how they’re tying up six seasons of rabbit trails? But none of that has stopped us from obsessing over Lost and its season finale. So we give you the Lost Takeover. We’ll show you how to throw a Lost party. You can vote for your least favorite Lost character, take the Super-Impossible-Brain-Busting Lost trivia quiz or dig through our Lost archives. Two staff members who don’t watch Lost will attempt to recap what’s happened these last six seasons, and a third, who quit watching a while ago, writes an open letter to the show with the reason. We cast five different Lost spin-off shows, dream up hypothetical attractions for the Lost amusement park and award Lost superlatives. And you can join us Sunday night for a Lost live-blog, hosted by editor-in-chief Josh Jackson. Check out all this and more below, as stories go live throughout the weekend:

Artist of the Day: The Donkeys/Geronimo Jackson

List of the Day: Stranded: Eight Movies About Deserted-Island Dwellers

Watch Sarah Silverman Interview Lost Creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

Recap-Rock Band Previously on Lost Talks Getting Hired by Lost

Who is the Worst Lost Character?

The Super-Impossible Brain-Busting Lost Trivia Quiz

George Lucas Praises Lost, Tells Producers to “Pretend You’ve Planned it Out in Advance”

Previously, On Lost: The Paste Archives

Lost Series Finale to be Broadcast in U.S. and Europe Simultaneously

But Seriously, How About a Lost Amusement Park?

Despite Usual Restrictions, Lost Finale Will be Considered for Emmy Award

Jorge Garcia as Sawyer? Michael Emerson as Hurley? The Lost Audition Tapes

Five Lost Spin-Offs We’d Like to See

Watch “I’ll Never Be Lost Again,” the Slow-Jam Rap Tribute to Lost

Are You There Lost? It’s Me, Michael.

Watch Two Paste Staffers Who’ve Never Watched Lost Explain Lost

Best Guyliner, Scariest Death and 13 More Lost Superlatives

A Lost Cake Google Image Slideshow: Because, Why Not?

Lost Lit: Eight Books That Influenced the Island

Plan a Lost Finale Party

The Wonderful World of James Ford: Sawyer’s Ten Best Pop Cultural References

Will the Lost Series Finale Take its Place in the Pantheon of Serialized Dramas?

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