But Seriously, How About a Lost Amusement Park?

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Back in March, the writers and creators of Lost hinted that an amusement park based on the ABC series may become a reality. That news got imaginations working around Paste HQ, as we wondered what rides and attractions could await us at the park. In the hopes of keeping this potentially awesome thing in the headlines, we’ve compiled a collection of potential rides, attractions and activities to please the most discerning Lostpedia-reading Disney World connoisseur.

Roller Coasters:
The biggest draw at any amusement park is roller coasters. Thrill-seekers look for the biggest, loopiest and scariest coasters they can find, and Lost has the potential to produce some adrenaline-pumping rides:

The Smoke Monster
This all-black coaster weaves through dense jungle, zooming back and forth before making an abrupt change of direction at the electric pylons, where it shoots quickly upward and does a huge back flip.

Runaway Dharma Van
Perfect for kids and the height phobic, this coaster dips up and down over the island’s rolling hills, avoiding crazy flips and turns.

Oceanic 815 Down
Simulating the frightening plane crash that started it all, this coaster includes a harrowing 200-foot free-fall after which the tail section splits off and both sections continue into a corkscrews, bringing the cars dangerously close to the park’s beach and wave pool.


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