But Seriously, How About a Lost Amusement Park?

TV Features
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Water Attractions:
Speaking of beaches and waves, much like any amusement park that’s worth its weight in cotton candy, Lost park has roller coasters and water attractions.

Black Rock
This Splash Mountain-esque ride will slosh you on an angry sea before washing you ashore (just like it did Richard). Complete with pyrotechnics.

The Beach and Wave Pool
Grab some food from the snack bar and have a romantic picnic next to the water. Or take your kids for a swim in the crystal clear, simulated ocean.

Sinking Sub
Get on board Charles Widmore’s submarine for what begins as a placid underwater journey, but quickly becomes a watery disaster after a bomb blows a hole in the side of the sub. Escape before the sub sinks to the bottom of the sea.


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