But Seriously, How About a Lost Amusement Park?

TV Features
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Several other attractions and rides round out the Lost park experience, leaving no corner of the island unrepresented.

Desmond’s Electromagnetic Chamber
A complete 4D immersive experience simulating the intensity Desmond experienced inside the electromagnetic chamber. You won’t need special powers to survive it, but you might be a bit shaken up. (Don’t worry, Desmond was too.)

Eloise’s Pendulum
This ride mimics the swinging pirate ships featured at fairs and parks everywhere. The pendulum swings in all directions, gaining height and speed. Can you, like Eloise, interpret the pendulum’s swinging pattern to determine where the island is now?

Jacob’s Haunted Cabin
This haunted house, modeled after Jacob’s location-changing cabin, is not for faint of heart. Eerie moving rocking chairs, slamming doors and unexplained fires make this one frightening experience.


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