Previously On Lost Talks Getting Hired by Lost

Originally published in June 2009, we're re-running this profile as part of our Lost Takeover and in celebration of the series' upcoming finale.


According to Adam Schatz of Previously on Lost, his is the only "recap-rock" band in the history of the world. What, you might ask, is recap-rock? It's exactly what it sounds like. Along with co-creator and band member Jeff Curtin, Schatz has sung his way through a weekly summary of each Lost episode over the last two years, and, just yesterday (June 3), the duo made its debut on

In March, a man working in ABC's entertainment marketing division ordered a POL t-shirt from the duo. Schatz filled the order and offered a suggestion along with it. "I was like, 'here's your shirt, you should hire us,'" he tells Paste. To his surprise, the buyer responded that he thought that was a great idea. Although Schatz initially dismissed the exchange, a VP of entertainment marketing contacted him several weeks later. To make a long story short, the network hired POL to accompany the season finale of LOST Untangled,'s action-figure-and-paper-cutout reenactment of each episode.