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As we anticipate the Lost series finale this Sunday, we are slightly amazed at the number of columns, features, reviews and bits of news we have written about the show over the last five years. We’ve loved contributing to the critical acclaim of this fascinating series, and didn’t hesitate to label it as one of the 20 best TV shows of the last decade. As you brace yourself for the end, take a look at all the stuff we’ve had to say about the ABC drama since its inception:

High Definition: Lost as Religious Allegory
High Definition: Getting Lost Again
Great Expectations 2010: Lost

“And Found: Lost “What They Died For (6.16)
“And Found: Lost – “Across the Sea (6.15)
“And Found: Lost – “The Candidate (6.14)
“And Found: Lost – “The Last Recruit (6.13)
“And Found: Lost – “Everybody Loves Hugo (6.12)
“And Found: Lost – “Happily Ever After (6.11)
“And Found: Lost – “The Package (6.10)
“And Found: Lost – “Ab Aeterno (6.09)
“And Found: Lost – “Dr. Linus (6.07)
“And Found: Lost – “Sundown (6.06)
“And Found: Lost – “Lighthouse (6.05)
“And Found: Lost – “The Substitute (6.04)
“And Found: Lost – “What Kate Does (6.03)
Lost: Season Six Premiere Review
Lost: The Beginning of the End
Lost Review: “The Incident (Episodes 5.16-17)
Lost Review: “Follow the Leader (Episode 5.15)
Lost Review: “The Variable (Episode 5.14)
Lost Review: “Some Like It Hoth (Episode 5.13)
Lost Review: “Dead is Dead (Episode 5.12)
Lost Review: “Whatever Happened, Happened (Episode 5.11)
Lost Review: “He’s Our You (Episode 5.10)
Lost Review: “Namaste (Episode 5.09)
Lost Review: “LaFleur (Episode 5.08)
Lost Review: “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham (Episode 5.07)
Lost Review: “316 (Episode 5.06)
Lost Review: “This Place is Death (Episode 5.05)
Lost Review: “The Little Prince  (Episode 5.04)
Lost Review: “Jughead (Episode 5.03)
Lost Review: “Because You Left” and “The Lie (Episodes 5.01 and 5.02)

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