Steve Miller Band Joins Roadrunner Records for First Album in 17 Years

Steve Miller Band
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Roadrunner Records announced recently that they partnered with one of the big names of ‘70s rock, Steve Miller, to release his band’s first studio album in 17 years. Together with Miller’s imprint Space Cowboy Records, Bingo! is the first of two albums recorded by the Steve Miller Band at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch studios. The second album will be released next year. Bingo! was co-produced by Andy Johns, who’s worked with classic rock greats like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Van Halen.

“With the continuing evolution of the music industry and the new exciting opportunities that are available I feel this is a perfect time to strike out on my own and develop an imprint where I can have creative control over the future of my music. It is the right time for me to establish new innovative partnerships in the industry and I am looking forward to a long relationship with Roadrunner/Loud & Proud” Miller said of the partnership. The record is due out June 21.

We’ll understand if you need a minute to soak in the fact that a) Steve Miller recorded two albums at George Lucas’ studio and b) Steve Miller is now a labelmate of Slipknot and Korn. Phew!