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Previously on Lost, the questions piled up like buckets of Mr. Clucks chicken, but tonight is all about answers. We’ll be right there with you for the finale tonight at 9pm, live blogging and plucking the best comments from around the web (along with guest Nick Purdy). And if you’re not watching the two-hour recap right now, you can check out our four-minute version, part of our Lost Takeover that includes all sorts of Lost goodies. Add your comments to the discussion below or send me a message on Twitter – @joshjackson – as we all say goodbye together.

11:42 My final verdict: Two hours and 20 minutes of brilliance followed by 10 minutes of Punk’d. I loved the reconciliations and the reunions. The whole episode was filled with redemption. Locke forgiving Ben. Ben praising Hurley. The creators loved their characters and seemed to want to make up for all the crap they put them through. But by giving them their hearts’ desires, they stole the whole point of the last season. I suppose the island heroics “saved” the heaven they were headed to, but the sideways reality—despite providing the shows most emotional moments—had no actual relevance to the plot. It’s going to take some time to take this all in, but I’m still thankful for the six-year ride, even if my mind wasn’t blown by the resolution. What’d you think?

11:38 On the island, yes. Side reality seems kind of pointless.

11:37 Nick: I disagree – they did in fact work a lot of stuff out on the island. Just not in the post-purgatory pre-meetup sideways waiting anteroom to heaven

11:36 Nick: That was like a horror movie: Bad deal to be black. Only Rose. No Walt, Eko or Michael.

From Twitter @brookehatfield: so they never explained walt, right?

11:32 Only, there wasn’t a lot of working out for everybody. Sawyer and Miles just did the cop thing. Charlie just moped around ‘til he found Claire. Less purgatory than meet-up. I thought it was a spectacular episode with an expectedly unsatisfactory ending. Kinda like Battlestar Galactica.

11:31 Nick: okay, they denied it was a purgatory show, but it sure seems like it was 6 seasons of purgatory so everyone could work their shit out and then end up in heaven.

From Twitter @onewhoharms: What kind of “family reunion” finale doesn’t include Michael and Walt? Seriously.

11:22 I’m starting to wish I just stopped watching at 11:20.

11:21 …and they all flashed sideways into Heaven.

11:18 Wow. Every religion is represented in that room with Christian Shephard’s body. Don’t fight it, Jack!

11:15 Ben/Hurley scene was pretty damn good too. There’s a lot of sweetness to the finale, but I think that’s a good thing.

From Twitter @scott_tobias: I realize everyone’s wrapped up in Lost and Breaking Bad tonight, but while you weren’t looking, I think Treme was at its most affecting. [That’s we we have DVRs/On-Demand.]

11:13 The Ben/Locke scene was fantastic. This finale has hit a lot of the right notes so far.

From Twitter @jroberts: is it just me or has VW missed the fact that it’s “punch bug”, not “punch any VW that passes by”

From Twitter @austinlouisray: Remember y’all, if Neil Young doesn’t get that plane off the ground, he’ll remain ON THE BEACH. #LOST

From Rob Sheffield at Rolling Stone : “I can carry the ring, but I can’t carry you, Frodo!”

10:54 Nick: Those rocks falling by the mouth of the light-cave were Land of the Lost bad.

10:51 Jack is late to the party in so many ways.

10:50 YouTube’s dramatic chipmunk is extending its 4 seconds of fame via Carmax?

10:48 Nick: First people to react normally to the flash to the island: Sawyer & Juliet. They were like “Whoa – freaky! But keep doing it!”

10:46 It may be Manipulative Filmmaking 101, but these reunions are tugging at all the right heartstrings. Much more emotional than Kate and Jack’s latest on-again.

10:42 Miles’ best line ever: “I don’t believe in a lot of things. But I do believe in duct tape.”

From Twitter @SeanGandert: Hoping that Lost answers all of its questions the same way Metal Gear Solid did: nano machines.

From Twitter @jeffvrabel: Given all the seismic activity, I’d probably spend less time on the DANGEROUS LEDGE #lost

From Twitter @hodgman: RT @vdivincenti “I think Capt America will show up at the end of “Lost” so it can tie in with the Avengers movie”

10:36 Those goodbyes were too intense for both Jack and Kate/Sawyer to survive. And there’s the kiss between star-crossed lovers.

From Twitter @zacharymcgowen: props to Terry O’Quinn for being an amazing actor… murderous evil villain to the underdog you root for in the same episode.

From Twitter @MattDentler: I’m starting to think they made this finale an extra 30 mins long, because of the lucrative commercial time. #Lost

10:29 Nick Purdy: One hour to go. Funny how few questions I have at this point.

10:27 I’m loving how everyone is remembering the island so fondly. It’s was hell, but there’s often joy and purpose in the struggle. And the island was nothing if not a struggle.

10:24 I couldn’t wait to hear what Kate was going to say there. “I saved you a bullet?” Not bad.

10:21 Jack Shepard as Neo as we go to commercial. (Nick Purdy)

From Twitter @rejects: “Locke!” best cut to commercials ever. And all of the sudden, #Lost has become a Kurosawa movie.

From Twitter @jeffvrabel: KHAAAAAAAAAN!

10:18 Wait. Was that a Prince of Persia commercial?

From Twitter @flavorpill: “Not someone else trapped under something” #LOST #H8K*

From Twitter @jeffvrabel Weird! I was also delivered backstage bloodless at a benefit concert in 25 seconds by a woman in a cocktail dress I didn’t know. #Lost

10:12 Kate & Claire’s awakening is absolutely the best since Hurley and Libby kissed. First chills of the night. Make that Kate, Claire & Charlie’s group moment.

From Twitter @hodgman RT @KenPlume “So, as Jack lifts off in the helicopter at the end, Hurley has written him a message in rocks on the beach below… “Dude””

10:10 Heard they charged Super Bowl rates for these commercials but we’re not getting Super Bowl quality. C’mon American advertising industry! (Nick Purdy)

@VolumeKnob says, “i read for sure [Eko] won’t be in it due to logistical reasons. hope that’s not true though.”

From Twitter @azizansari: Desmond is taking everyone to a Counting Crows concert! Sideways timeline must be in 90s. #FakeLostSpoilersforHarris

10:05 Best line from FLocke: “you’re sort of the obvious choice, don’t you think?” (Nick Purdy)

From Twitter @AtlantasAList So what’s weirder, that I have never seen an episode of Lost or that Rose’s never seen The Empire Strikes Back?

10:04 Desmond, don’t go into the light!

10:00 Dr. Chang is in the house. And Charlie’s back in love. And Claire’s going into labor. #itsallhappening.

9:53 I’ll judge the success or failure of this finale by the presence of Mr. Eko or lack thereof.

9:50 Roll call. Shannon? Here. Boone? Here.

9:49 More “dudes” from Hurley. He’s rockin’ as the wise guru of the alternate universe.

9:46 Target winning the commercial war with Lost-themed ads.

9:45 At least one final “dude” from Hurley. And one wonderfully nonchalant scene from Desmond. Some of the best characters are left. But I still miss Mr. Eko.

9:34 I think this is where Jack yells “Freedom!”

9:29 And that was Nick Drake on that AT&T commercial in case you want to go discover his lovely music.

9:27 If you miss getting confused by Lost, Inception is coming soon.

9:24 And Juliet. It’s starting to feel like the Seinfeld finale. Where are Nikki & Paulo? And the Soup Nazi?

From Twitter @MalcolmIngram: I hear that the island is actually Lukes Father (via @ThatKevinSmith)

9:15 Yay! Rose is back. And Vincent and Bernard! And they don’t know what year it is. They’re Switzerland. Or Swiss family Robinson.

From Twitter: @zacharymcgowen Hurley never gets to pull a gun!

9:12 Hurley is already the best part of the finale. I thought he was going to miss Charlie with that tranq gun.

9:07 The End begins with a dead body. Hurley’s already referenced Star Wars and Sawyer’s called Jack Moses. We’re on.

9:00 The last “previously on Lost”! Was that necessary after a two-hour recap, though?

From Twitter @Chris_Heuertz: Finale Prediction #15: There WILL be season 7 where Michael Scott takes the Dunder Mifflin employees to the isalnd (the new others) #LOST

8:49 Sad to say goodbye to Jin and Sun again during the recap.

8:48 I have to agree with Evangeline Lilly; the Richard flashback episode was killer. Not so much the Richard scenes since.

From Twitter @mattdentler: When trying to explain aloud the various plot points over six seasons, you do realize how ridiculous the show has been. #Lost

8:43 Seems like all the Lost haters have deserted Twitter. Can’t say that I blame them. This is how I’ve felt about the NBA playoffs.

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