The Price is Right Goes Beyond TV

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Even though The Price is Right has been around since 1956, it’s trying to keep up with the times. The game show has certainly proven its longevity, and host Drew Carey says he’s working to keep the show modern. There’s already been a Wii adaptation of the game show, as well as an iPhone app and an Xbox version, and Carey hopes to see The Price is Right become a Facebook game as early as June.

“I love it. I don’t think they’re doing as much as they should be doing. Business-wise, you should take advantage of every media stream you can,” Carey said. “I want to be part of a gig that’s doing new things and trying stuff.”

To appeal to a different crowd,The Price is Right also has themed slot machines and theater shows in both Vegas and Connecticut. And it seems all these branding efforts are directly impacting the show’s popularity, which has seen a 10 percent spike in viewers so far this year and is counted among the top five daytime TV shows.