The Beatles Zombies to Invade Movie Theaters?

Beatles movies are nothing new; the band has inspired and/or been a part of many films over the years. And the Fab Four’s story will continue to grace the silver screen in the near future if Robert Zemeckis and Liam Gallagher come through as planned.

And now there’s news of another (potentially frightening, definitely awesome) Beatles film, but this will take a different spin on the band’s story. Pulp Fiction producers Michael Chamberg and Stacey Sher reportedly bought the rights to Alan Goldsher’s novel Paul Is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion to develop a film adaptation. In the book, Paul, George, Ringo and John transform into brain-hungry zombies who use their subliminal-message-laced tunes to lure fans back stage where the flesh-eating can commence. All the while, the undead rock stars must escape from Britain’s number one zombie hunter: Mick Jagger. Oh, and Yoko Ono makes an appearance as an Eighth Level Ninja Lord.

Looks like Zombieland 2 (in 3D!) may need to up its flesh-eating quotient if it wants to compete with the undead moptops.