Watch OutKast's Andre 3000 Cover The Beatles for the NBA Finals

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With all the hype around Big Boi’s anticipated summer album, we were beginning to wonder what happened to the music career his OutKast partner-in-crime, Andre 3000.

Well, now we know. He’s doing a totally rad take on the Fab Four for Nike.

Andre 3000  had been working on an acting career and a clothing line following the release of the duo’s last musical effort (a companion album to their 2006 film Idlewild). But he also covered The Beatles’ “All Together Now”—from Yellow Submarine—for Nike’s NBA Finals spot, which centers on Kobe Bryant’s quest for a fifth championship ring with the L.A. Lakers.

(Ironically, “All Together” was the unofficial playoffs slogan of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who were eliminated after a series of bummer performances against the Celtics.)

Watch the spot below: