Bat for Lashes and Beck to Join Forces Once Again?

Bat For Lashes
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The Twilight saga films might not exactly be your cup of tea (or blood, or holy water, or whatever) but there’s no denying they’ve managed to put together some killer soundtracks.

The latest, for Twilight: Eclipse (named one of our Best of the Decade) featured, among others, tracks from Muse, The Black Keys and an original collaboration between Beck and Bat for Lashes called “Let’s Get Lost.” The soundtrack is currently available for purchase, but you can also download “Let’s Get Lost” for free care of Natasha Khan (the real-life lady behind Bat for Lashes) on Crawdaddy’s website.

If it sounds pretty good to you (appearance on a soundtrack to a film about sparkly mythical creatures with raging hormones notwithstanding), you might get to hear more—someday. Khan recently told in an interview that Beck’s “got great creative ideas” and that she’s considering collaborating once again for a follow-up to her 2009 record, Two Suns. She also mentioned that an album release in 2011 is possible, but not definite.

“I want to take more time with this one because I’ve been on tour for so long and I think it’s boring to write songs about being on tour,” she said.