Coldplay Gets Gleeful

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He could unleash Mercedes on “Green Eyes,” or let Kurt’s wicked falsetto loose on “Fix You.” He could trust “Viva La Vida” to Rachel’s ridiculous range and impeccable diction, or he could let Finn carry us away with those romantical doe eyes as he croons a jock version of “The Scientist.”

The point is, Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee can pretty much do whatever the damn he wants with any Coldplay song he chooses. The band’s entire catalog is his to Glee-ify, reports Vulture.

Murphy says that Coldplay is one of only two musical acts to have denied his request for performance rights to their music…ever. But the band recently rescinded its refusal, opting instead to give Murphy free reign of its oeuvre. Perhaps Chris Martin logged onto iTunes for the first time in, like, six months and realized exactly how much money these high schoolers are raking in.

Maybe he’ll pass the info along to Bryan Adams, the most notable remaining Glee holdout in all of musicdom.