Ben Folds Tweets Nick Hornby Collaboration Album Details

Hey, did you hear? British novelist Nick Hornby, of High Fidelity and About a Boy fame, has joined forces with ivory-tickling, chatrouletting Ben Folds to make an album together. We know, you’re all like, “Duh, Paste, we knew that already!” Well now, in addition to just talk about the album floating around, Ben Folds has tweeted some album details and artwork.

Ben Folds  tweeted the summery, “California Dreamin’”-esque cover for Lonely Avenue earlier this week. Above the album’s title it reads, “Ben Folds adds music and melody to Nick Hornby’s Words,” which is true: in 2009 Hornby regularly began e-mailing Folds song lyrics, and that correspondence ultimately culminated in 12 musical short stories. It’s set for release via Nonesuch Records on Sept. 28, and, according to the label’s website, “the record, which Folds made specifically to be listened to on wax, was recorded on two-inch tape and will be available on audiophile-grade vinyl,” though it’ll also be available on CD and digitally. To cause inner geeks everywhere to squee with delight, the album will also be available in a super-awesome deluxe edition that comes complete with four Hornby short stories.

While touring, Folds often gave audiences some glimpses into the album. Check out his performance of “Picture Window,” in Chicago, below.