Jason Bateman and Will Arnett Debut First "Dirty" Orbit Ad

Will Arnett
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Arrested Development alums Jason Bateman and Will Arnett have joined forces for a new project (Aside from the Arrested Development movie, that is; we’re still holding our collective breath on that one.): a production company called DumbDumb. Their first project is a set of three “dirty shorts” that advertise Orbit gum. These ads play on Orbit’s already-established catchphrase, “a good clean feeling no matter what,” but with an envelope-pushing twist.

The first short, a five-minute ad titled “The Prom Date,” debuted last week at an Internet Week NY event. In it, Bateman takes on the role of an over-protective father seeing his daughter off the the senior prom; Arnett plays the daughter’s mustachioed social studies teacher-turned-”soul-mate” who makes his intentions of “getting lucky” abundantly clear.

Watch the ad below: