Modern Skirts to Release EP in July, Prepare Full-length

Modern Skirts
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We haven’t heard any new material from Athens, Ga. favorites Modern Skirts for nearly a year and a half now, when the band released the pop-infused album All Of Us In Our Night. However, this doesn’t mean that the band hasn’t been working on music; soon, years of intimate recordings will be released in the form of Happy 81 EP,out July 6, and a full-length album due in the fall.

When the tracks were originally recorded, they were never intended for anyone except the band members. During tours and recording sessions for their albums, the guys were also recording demo tracks onto dozens of cassette tapes, experimenting with sounds that strayed from their standard pop-influenced fare. Finally, the band decided to take some of its favorite demo tracks and turn them into new releases. Happy 81 EP was recorded and mixed at home and will have a more raw, DIY feel than the forthcoming full-length, which will get the polish of the studio treatment.

Take a listen to the country-tinged “Rebecca St. Claire” right here.

Happy 81 EP Tracklist:
1. On The Right
2. Happy 81
3. Rebecca St. Claire
4. DUI
5. Blip
6. Thomas Wolfe
7. Get Born/Get Bored