NBC President Jeff Zucker Taking $30 Million Exit Deal?

Jeff Zucker
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In a merge of monstrous proportions, Comcast shelled out $30 billion to acquire 51 percent of NBC last year, a move that entitles them to the network’s television properties, theme parks and film enterprises. Even though NBC Universal CEO and President Jeff Zucker’s contract with Comcast and General Electric, which owns the other 49 percent of the network, is valid through 2013, the New York Post claims Zucker will be taking advantage of a $30-$40 million exit package that will allow him to leave the company shortly after the Comcast acquisition is finalized early next year.

GE representatives denied the existence of the exit package, but anonymous sources told the Post the “deal has been finalized.” The same sources indicate Comcast’s COO, Steve Burke, will be taking Zucker’s position after the merge.

What will Zucker do once he’s not running a massive television conglomerate? Well, if his comments about being “interested in politics” are any indication, we could very well see him on an election ballot. Might be a smart move to go ahead and snap up JeffZucker2012.com now, cybersquatters!