Sam Raimi, Robert Downey Jr. Confirmed for Wizard Of Oz Prequel

Sam Raimi
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Disney’s next 3D film, Oz: The Great and Powerful, will be directed by none other than the legendary Sam Raimi. Even though Sam Mendes (the man behind American Beauty, Jarhead and Revolutionary Road) appeared to be Disney’s top choice for the position, Raimi’s decision to walk away from Spider-Man 4 freed up his schedule just in time to sign on for the project.

The prequel—a retelling of the classic L. Frank Baum fable from the perspective of the Wizard—has also signed Robert Downey Jr. on to play the lead role, according to MTV. The film will follow Downey’s Wizard character who, before being carried to the land of Oz by a tornado, is a circus wrangler. He is crowned wizard of the land after being mistaken for a leader with magical powers.

The film’s script was written by Mitchell Kapner, who also penned Romeo Must Die, and will be produced by Alice in Wonderland’s Joe Roth. There is still no scheduled date for its release.