What is Pay With a Tweet?

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Good question, and adorable Euro-hipster synth-poppers The Teenagers are here to introduce us to the concept.

The Teenagers are offering their new song, “Made Of,” for free. Or, you could say, for 140 characters or less. “It will only cost you one tweet,” one of them says, and that’s pretty much Pay With a Tweet in a nutshell.

Pay With a Tweet is a way for companies, artists, authors, brands, professionals and whoever else can make it work to create buzz and provide some products or services to the public. According to their website, ”‘Pay with a Tweet’ is the first social payment system, where people pay with the value of their social network. It’s simple, every time somebody pays with a tweet, he or she tells all their friends about the product. Boom.”

Boom, indeed. Download the new Teenagers tune here, check out how to pay (or buy) with a tweet here, and watch The Teenagers talk about Pay With a Tweet below.